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Oh wow!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just everything works about this, the poses the characters are in, the mask in the background, the we...

Wow, This is amazing. One of my major problems withi it is that tahu is smoking a cigar. Aside from that, amazingly exicuted and aside ...

I must say, infinite levels of awesome are registering. It's reading as insect. That was abvious thing. But I really like how closely i...

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Also, I'm on Quidd now, so, if anyone of my watchers wants to add me to their friend list, my username is Firebyte27(and yes, that does include the capital letter).
Note:  My favorite ruby in steven universe besides the one who's fused with sapphire, is Leggy, because she's slightly adorable with how nervous she is, and she's not as much of a douche as Navy turned out to be.
HEY!!! LISTEN!!!!  Look, I know that I don't post as regularly as I once did, but I'm trying to change that.   I'm going to start posting regularly every weekend until the end of the school year, at which point, I'll try to start posting once every day.  BTW, I dropped the whole city of slumber prefix to my posts since it's no longer happening.  I'm working on reprising it, and making sure it's more manageable.
City of slumber 15: Piratena
Yeah, he's a pirate, and a piranha.  He's also in a steampunk mech suit, so that drives the hilarity factor up about 39 notches.  He also has a very thick scottish accent.  His creation was the byproduct of the demon named solitairus(pronounced sol-ih-tair-russ) throwing a demonic card at a piranha in an aquarium while it was having a pirate festival.  This was the result.  Hey, at least I didn't try and make the internet come down upon me like a sack of bricks by naming, and styling it after pyrrha nikos from rwby.  I would have certainly felt the burn then... good god self, too soon!!!!
City of slumber 14: Mow-phisto
Before we get any further, this, my dear friends, is what happens when magical playing cards crafted from the pages of the necronomicon ex mortis, and containing the souls of demons deemed too dumb looking in their physical forms by satan is thrown at a lawn mower.  It becomes a giant, ridiculous looking demon named Mow-phisto.
City of slumber 13: Charlotte
Charlotte was created by the group known as the SuperNatural Entity Experimentation and Research lab, or S.N.E.E.R labs.  She was a part of a group of bioweapons that were humans with insect and arachnid dna, as well as cybernetic enhancements, and Charlotte's dna was spider.  More specifically, black widow dna.  This grants her a plethora of powers, including web spinning, venomous bite, wall scaling with her spider limbs, of which she has three pairs of, but she keeps them hidden.  She can also adjust the thickness of her web, and weave anything from nets, to cocoons for her prey.  She can also change the color of the webbing when she's using it to spin clothing.  Wearing this clothing provides armor, even though it looks, and feels like silk.  She also possesses panoramic vision, making stealth attacks against her impossible.  She also has the ability to create an invisible web that allows her to detect anyone trying to sneak up on her.  She's also incredibly sneaky, and 
City of slumber 12: Artillitronus
Artillitronus was once a legendary swordsmith who lived in feudal japan, forging weapons for both samurai, and ninja.  However, one day, a demon disguising himself as a shogun came to the blacksmith, asking him to forge the strongest sword in the universe.  The blacksmith agreed, and with the help of several priests, and experts in the mystical arts, he forged a blade called the sword of eternal hope.  However, since it was an object that was blessed by the holy power of the gods of japan, it immediately revealed the demon that had been impersonating the emperor.  The blacksmith then took the blade, and used it to destroy the demon.  However, as the demon was sent back to it's home in hell, it placed a curse on the blacksmith, changing him into a demon that wished to destroy everything.  For the next twenty years, the demon went on a rampage, ransacking the country, until one of the monks that had helped him to forge the sword managed to free him of his desires to destroy, sending him off into the world.  Artillitronus retreated into the earth, using volcanoes as his forge, and continuing to craft his legendary weaponry with the assistance of other subterranian entities.  He eventually came to acquire a meteorite that contained a crystal that was called the Shinobi prism.  He forged the crystals into Shurikens, changing them into magical Shuriken, and with them, he created the mystical shinobi sabers.  However, Artillitronus discovered that the weapons didn't function when those who wished to use them for unjustified destruction.  


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United States
I'm 16 and live in Illinois. Ever since I was 5, I've loved Legos. What kind, you ask? Specifically, Bionicle! I'll just strate out admit it: I have loved Making my own Toa. Now I can display them to the world. Ever since 4th grade, I have been obsessed with drawing comics. I started off by making a series of comics called gamma force. It wasn't until I was in middle school that I started to make a series of heroes fighting against a villain named herobrine. The original cast of protagonists were Ryan, a boy wizard who's ancestors were practioners of magic, Ninja prince, a short tempered ninja warrior, Link, a waffle devouring swordsman, and Alec, a short tempered and OP black sorcerer who was part of an alien race called the darklords. As I got older, my drawings began to resemble Japanese anime or manga more and more(well, at least I think the characters started to go in that direction. It's completely left up to the person looking at my drawings to decide whether or not they qualify as anime or not.) One thing that may surprise you all to know is that my talent for drawing anime-styled characters was completely self taught. Not once did I pick up a book of instructions. It was all just from looking at manga others had created. Now granted, I still can't draw human ears, but that's an entire matter I've compensated for by giving all of the characters which would have ears like ours hair that could cover the ears. However, if they had pointy elf ears or animal ears, I would just draw those poking out of the hair. As I read more and more manga, and saw more and more let's plays of video games, I began to add to my characters based around the personality's they each possessed. Another thing to add is that the character Ryan in ultra worlds is in fact a personification of the real me. The me in the book is just me, but with powers that I can not obtain in the real world. Likewise, the character Alec is real as well, and is in fact a legit representation of the real Alec, but like the Ryan in the book, the book Alec possesses powers that he could not possess in the real world. Yes, the real Alec is my little brother, and yes he is stronger than me, but he is not an alien sorcerer from another planet. If you look closely enough, You can actually see things from my characters that were inspired by video games I played or watched others play on the youtube, people who are my friends, Manga I read, Anime, movies and tv shows I watched, and story's I read. I was also inspired by a very, very, and I mean VERY talented friend of mine, Nicholas F.! He was the creator of some of my favorite characters that i have made bionicle mocs of. Like TT2, Kickstart, and TT19. Ever since my first attempt at making a comic 6 years ago, I have majorly improved. And Hope that I can continue to show the entirety of DA my drawing talent. A bit more about myself, to begin with, any of my friends can and will tell you that I'm usually wearing a hoodie, even in the summer. I love the character mettaton from undertale, and I also like the smash bros series, and steven universe, favorite gem in steven universe being Peridot!!

Here's some of the things I like!


And now, a very important side message; All of my characters can be featured in your artwork, just make sure you either insert my icon or tag me in your deviation description! Or else, I will find out, and I will sue you!!!



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