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Oh wow!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just everything works about this, the poses the characters are in, the mask in the background, the we...

Wow, This is amazing. One of my major problems withi it is that tahu is smoking a cigar. Aside from that, amazingly exicuted and aside ...

I must say, infinite levels of awesome are registering. It's reading as insect. That was abvious thing. But I really like how closely i...

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City of slumber 15: Piratena
Yeah, he's a pirate, and a piranha.  He's also in a steampunk mech suit, so that drives the hilarity factor up about 39 notches.  He also has a very thick scottish accent.  His creation was the byproduct of the demon named solitairus(pronounced sol-ih-tair-russ) throwing a demonic card at a piranha in an aquarium while it was having a pirate festival.  This was the result.  Hey, at least I didn't try and make the internet come down upon me like a sack of bricks by naming, and styling it after pyrrha nikos from rwby.  I would have certainly felt the burn then... good god self, too soon!!!!
City of slumber 14: Mow-phisto
Before we get any further, this, my dear friends, is what happens when magical playing cards crafted from the pages of the necronomicon ex mortis, and containing the souls of demons deemed too dumb looking in their physical forms by satan is thrown at a lawn mower.  It becomes a giant, ridiculous looking demon named Mow-phisto.
City of slumber 13: Charlotte
Charlotte was created by the group known as the SuperNatural Entity Experimentation and Research lab, or S.N.E.E.R labs.  She was a part of a group of bioweapons that were humans with insect and arachnid dna, as well as cybernetic enhancements, and Charlotte's dna was spider.  More specifically, black widow dna.  This grants her a plethora of powers, including web spinning, venomous bite, wall scaling with her spider limbs, of which she has three pairs of, but she keeps them hidden.  She can also adjust the thickness of her web, and weave anything from nets, to cocoons for her prey.  She can also change the color of the webbing when she's using it to spin clothing.  Wearing this clothing provides armor, even though it looks, and feels like silk.  She also possesses panoramic vision, making stealth attacks against her impossible.  She also has the ability to create an invisible web that allows her to detect anyone trying to sneak up on her.  She's also incredibly sneaky, and 
City of slumber 12: Artillitronus
Artillitronus was once a legendary swordsmith who lived in feudal japan, forging weapons for both samurai, and ninja.  However, one day, a demon disguising himself as a shogun came to the blacksmith, asking him to forge the strongest sword in the universe.  The blacksmith agreed, and with the help of several priests, and experts in the mystical arts, he forged a blade called the sword of eternal hope.  However, since it was an object that was blessed by the holy power of the gods of japan, it immediately revealed the demon that had been impersonating the emperor.  The blacksmith then took the blade, and used it to destroy the demon.  However, as the demon was sent back to it's home in hell, it placed a curse on the blacksmith, changing him into a demon that wished to destroy everything.  For the next twenty years, the demon went on a rampage, ransacking the country, until one of the monks that had helped him to forge the sword managed to free him of his desires to destroy, sending him off into the world.  Artillitronus retreated into the earth, using volcanoes as his forge, and continuing to craft his legendary weaponry with the assistance of other subterranian entities.  He eventually came to acquire a meteorite that contained a crystal that was called the Shinobi prism.  He forged the crystals into Shurikens, changing them into magical Shuriken, and with them, he created the mystical shinobi sabers.  However, Artillitronus discovered that the weapons didn't function when those who wished to use them for unjustified destruction.  
City of slumber 09: DJ Vilebreather
Vilebreather has to be my stupidest monster idea ever.  He is a demonic leek(an onion like veggie) who sounds like cyborg from teen titans go, non reboot.  He has the power to give life to other veggies and turn them into veggie themed demons.  Such as when he gave life to a beet, and turned him into a psychotic demon veggie named Phat Beet, and he turned an ordinary carrot into a demonic healer named intensive carrot.  I'm going to get to drawing them eventually, and it will be hilarious.  Anyways, just like his name implies, Vilebreather has a very punjent breath, which can paralyze any foe in his path.  However, he has one fatal fear; being eaten.  He gets extremely nervous around kitchen cutlery.
City of slumber 08: Ifrit
Ifrit doesn't like to talk her way through things.  She dislike a lot of things, like lying, water, 
Toxica the acid demoness
Toxica has a very poisonous personality to say the least.  Anyways, all jokes aside, this Acidic demoness is not the kind to take very lightly, namely because she's basically living battery acid, and can melt through almost any substance.  She can also melt herself down into a liquid form, and become a moving puddle, but her clothes don't come with her, meaning that when she resumes her solid form, she will be completely naked, if she doesn't reform inside of her clothing.  However, it does seem that her abilities can be weakened substantially through contact with chemical bases such as sodium hydroxide, which is a key ingredient in soap.  Yes, that's right.  An acid monster is weak to a bar of soap.  She's also weak to ant-acid, which is pretty funny when you think about it.  And when she loses her acidity, she has to consume acid from other sources, such as batteries in order to regain it.
Adventure time fan art: Marceline
Yeah.  I just recently started binging adventure time, and Marceline is my favorite character, so, I just made some fan art of her.  I'm really paranoid about posting fan art online these days, since I have recieved nothing but complaints about my art style in the past, so, hopefully, this will be the day that I post fan art and no one complains about it.
If you guessed that this ridiculous abomination was named because I love playing X-Box, you'd be absolutely wrong, since I've never touched an X-box controller in my life.  Anyways, this demon was made with the intention of making fun of the bigger jerks in the gaming comunity.  This infernal videogame started out life as a normal videogame console, until the arrival of the dark demon named Xaldus, who began assisting a demon named Tallstalker in his attempts to kill a group of heroes living in california, so they could take over the world, and turn it into a place where they could rule, instead of satan.  Anyways, Xaldus zapped a videogame system that belonged to one of these heroes, named Wes, and turned it into this monster, although he didn't look like this at first, well, until he sucked Wes, and his friend and partner Skarr into Wes's favorite videogame, Octane-X 2, the Arkon rising, and turned them into robots like the game's protagonist, and told them that if they managed to defeat him, he'd let them go.  Naturally, they defeated him, and he returned them to the real world, along with the games protagonist, because, hey, Hex-Box can do that.  He then changed Wes's tv and game system into this monster, and just stayed around the two of them, playing videogame's with them, because he's more interested in playing videogame's than he is with taking over the world.
Hex-Box was one of my strangest creations, but also one of the most fun to give a personality to.  He's constantly using gamer slang, even when he's not playing videogames, such as GG, Nerfed, and Leeroy Jenkins.  He also has a habit of refering to himself in third person.
Ninjago oc:Shi, the master of Necromancy
Shi is an elemental master, however, her powers were not inherrited, but rather they just appeared out of nowhere, as did Shi herself just appeared in the middle of nowhere.  It is unknown where she came from, but, some speculate it may have been one of the overlord's creations when he had the golden powers, and he created her to act as a warrior to destroy the ninja, or she was a last ditch attempt by the overlord in order to escape death.  All that she knows for certain is that she is related to the overlord in some way.  This makes sense, seeing as how she will freely antagonise the ninja, and even though she has never seen sensei wu in her life, or been trained by someone who knows spinjitsu, she can use it.  Shi also has a few disturbing habits, like robbing graves of their corpses, and using them as dolls, as well as drawing some... unique(frightening) artwork in human blood.  Shi has training in Ninjitsu, Spinjitsu, Airjitsu, and other martial arts.  Her weapon of choice is the Kusarigama, however she is well versed in the use of many weapons.  Like all elemental masters, she can summon an elemental dragon, but it's a lot more zombie like.  Shi also has the power to control anything that is dead, or undead, which includes the Skulkin, normal skeletons, Liches(be tripping), deadites, zombies, and vampires, even one's of demonic descent, such as marceline from adventure time.  Anyways, this creepy ass chick also seems to have a crush on the elemental master of technology, and wants to convert him to her and by proxy, the overlord's, side.  Shi also seems to be collecting a substance called Demonic Necrotiplasm in order to resurect the overlord.  This substance comes in 5 different states; Fire, Water, Earth, Nature, and Metal, with each possessing it's own unique properties, akin to the element it was based around.
Shi is extremely powerful, and even worse, unpredictable.  If you encounter her, do not underestimate her, since while she may look like a crazy girl, she is a genious, strong, and athletic, as well as being completely insane.
Ninjago oc preview: Master of Necromancy
OKAY, OKAY, OKAY!!! I know that since everyone's going to rage about this in the comments, I'm just going to get it outta the way right this very second; I KNOW THAT NECROMANCY IS NOT A TRADITIONAL ELEMENT!!!  But, you must realise that ninjago has the concepts of gravity, speed, and the absorbtion of elemental powers as actual elements, so, why not necromancy?  Anyways, the master, or technically, the mistress of Necromancy, has allowed me to share a bit about herself with you before her full deviation is submitted.  Her name is Shi, or death in Japanese.   The symbol shown above is the one that is on her ninja outfit.  She is a master of both spinjitsu, and Airjitsu, having been trained under a mysterious being named Sensei Shard.  Her spinjitsu takes on the form of a black tornado, surrounded by skulls orbiting the tornado, and acting as both a shield, and as weapons she can send out to attack her enemies.  Shi also seems to have little to no memory of her past.  whelp, she's currently looking over my shoulder right now, glaring at me, signifying that this is where I need to end the preview, so, thanks!  Goodbye now!
Ninjago oc: Ryan the master of technology
Ryan is sort of an anomaly among the elemental masters, and by that, I mean he doesn't have any elemental masters in his ancestry, and he doesn't possess an elemental power that has existed before his birth.  As sensei Wu said, "Technology was not an element present durring the war between the serpentine, and the Elemental masters, making it, and Ryan's existance a mystery.  However, I can not deny that it is an elemental power that gives Ryan his powers, since he not only possesses an elemental dragon, but he also possesses inate control over this new elemental power."  Ryan has, however, stated on multiple occasions that his neither of his parents had the power he, or his brother, Xander, an elemental master of magic, hold.  Ryan and Xander butt heads frequently, and often debate which of their two elements is stronger, however, neither one has yet to beat the other in battle by using their elemental power.  It also seems that their elemental powers did not exist before them since neither had a proper medium through which to function.  However, now, with the many technological advancements in new ninjago city, and with the secret rise of magic users, the two elements have arisen in order to give themselves a physical being to represent their existance, much like to the other elements, and their masters.  Another explination for their existance may be that they are what remains of the golden power and the golden weapons, after they were destroyed in the battle against the overlord, and were sucked into the time vortex created by wu and garmadon to banish the time twins, and traveled back to Ryan and Xander when they were born.  Anyways, the two powers allow their masters to preform almost supernatural feats, however, the element of technology is linked more to the physical plane of existance, while magic seems to be more connected to the spiritual plane of existance, with it's many mystical uses.  Anyways, Ryan's powers were listed in his preview deviation I posted yesterday, so, if you want to know what his elemental powers do, go check it out.
Ninjago oc preview: master of technology
This is a teaser image for my first Ninjago OC, the elemental master of technology.  While I'm not going to give away his/her name or gender here, I am willing to tell you about the ninja/master of technology's powers:
The master of tech has the power to talk to computers, and program machines with his/her thoughts alone.  They also have the power to make machines self destruct even if that feature is not built into the machine.  Their powers can also affect old fashion technology, such as world war 2 fighter planes.  They can also get bits of technology such as random computer chips, hard drives, RAM chips, vacuum tubes, monitor screens, adaptors, Etc, Etc, to assemble any device they so desire.  They also possess a certain degree of magnetokinesis, as well as a certain level of control over electricity, as they can use it to have machines electrocute their users as long as the master of technology is touching the same device.  The master of technology also seems to be able to charge mobile phones, and make devices that aren't plugged in function just by holding the parts that you plug into the wall in their hand, or more comedically, in their mouth.  The presence of the master of technology also acts as free wi-fi for anyone standing nearby, and no, I am not joking about that.  Granted, the master of tech does seem to provide an AT&T network plan, but that doesn't really matter.  Anyways, the master of tech also has the power to remotely hack machines just by hacking them, or having a clear mental image of it if they focus on it hard enough, and he has the power to alter a computer program, or generate one with his thoughts alone.  they also have the ability to view your browser history if your standing within a mile long radius surrounding them, which is extremely creepy.  They also have the power to make any computer that's within their vision do anything on the monitor, including open up music videos for short term distractions, as the tab with the music video will close the instant the computer exits his field of vision.  And their final power is to hack videogames in order to complete them without playing them.


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United States
I'm 16 and live in Illinois. Ever since I was 5, I've loved Legos. What kind, you ask? Specifically, Bionicle! I'll just strate out admit it: I have loved Making my own Toa. Now I can display them to the world. Ever since 4th grade, I have been obsessed with drawing comics. I started off by making a series of comics called gamma force. It wasn't until I was in middle school that I started to make a series of heroes fighting against a villain named herobrine. The original cast of protagonists were Ryan, a boy wizard who's ancestors were practioners of magic, Ninja prince, a short tempered ninja warrior, Link, a waffle devouring swordsman, and Alec, a short tempered and OP black sorcerer who was part of an alien race called the darklords. As I got older, my drawings began to resemble Japanese anime or manga more and more(well, at least I think the characters started to go in that direction. It's completely left up to the person looking at my drawings to decide whether or not they qualify as anime or not.) One thing that may surprise you all to know is that my talent for drawing anime-styled characters was completely self taught. Not once did I pick up a book of instructions. It was all just from looking at manga others had created. Now granted, I still can't draw human ears, but that's an entire matter I've compensated for by giving all of the characters which would have ears like ours hair that could cover the ears. However, if they had pointy elf ears or animal ears, I would just draw those poking out of the hair. As I read more and more manga, and saw more and more let's plays of video games, I began to add to my characters based around the personality's they each possessed. Another thing to add is that the character Ryan in ultra worlds is in fact a personification of the real me. The me in the book is just me, but with powers that I can not obtain in the real world. Likewise, the character Alec is real as well, and is in fact a legit representation of the real Alec, but like the Ryan in the book, the book Alec possesses powers that he could not possess in the real world. Yes, the real Alec is my little brother, and yes he is stronger than me, but he is not an alien sorcerer from another planet. If you look closely enough, You can actually see things from my characters that were inspired by video games I played or watched others play on the youtube, people who are my friends, Manga I read, Anime, movies and tv shows I watched, and story's I read. I was also inspired by a very, very, and I mean VERY talented friend of mine, Nicholas F.! He was the creator of some of my favorite characters that i have made bionicle mocs of. Like TT2, Kickstart, and TT19. Ever since my first attempt at making a comic 6 years ago, I have majorly improved. And Hope that I can continue to show the entirety of DA my drawing talent. A bit more about myself, to begin with, any of my friends can and will tell you that I'm usually wearing a hoodie, even in the summer. I love the character mettaton from undertale, and I also like the smash bros series, and steven universe, favorite gem in steven universe being Peridot!!

Here's some of the things I like!


And now, a very important side message; All of my characters can be featured in your artwork, just make sure you either insert my icon or tag me in your deviation description! Or else, I will find out, and I will sue you!!!



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